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About Me

I have been playing minecraft for over 12 years its the coolest game ive ever seen if i was stranded on a desert island with nothing at all i would only want to go home to get my laptop because minecraft is everything to me! you can look at minecraft at or something like that and if you do find it i hope you enjoy it have fun in the world of minecraftians!

Helpful Sites To Get You Into Minecraft 

There are many sites that are helpful and related to minecraft like mine the minecraft forums and one of my favorties the nova skin editor it allows you to be able to customize what you look like in minecraft and if you cant buy minecraft for some odd reason you can go to a website called mineshafter it allows you to play and download minecraft for free!


minecraft mobs and bosses

bosses-The known minecraft bosses are called the wither boss and the ender dragon, they are bosses because they are tougher and stronger than all other mobs.

Mobs-The know mobs are called the ghast, blaze, skeleton, zombie, spider, magma cube, spider jockey, endermen, zombie pigmen, ocelots, wolves, silverfish, creepers and wither skeletons most of these mobs have special abilities like exploding when are near you or hurt, or teleporting or even throwing fireballs at you


"Beware the ghasts explosives fireballs." -- steve, mojang

"The creepers are tricking you into thinking they want hugs but they just want to blow up and KILL YOU!." -- steve, mojang

"It would be a good idea to put a sing in front of your house that says NO ONE HOME so the zombies dont knock on your doors." -- steve, mojang

Some Minecraft gameplay.

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